Peter Pierce

General Manager

A Vermont native, born into a farming family of 11, Peter grew up believing if you didn't raise it or grow it, you didn't eat it! This early appreciation of the care and energy required to produce great food led Peter to work his way through high school at a local bed and breakfast. Upon graduation, and hungry for more, he attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island.


Frank Lee

Executive Chef

He's been standing at a stove for nearly 40 years, but Frank Lee has never lost the fire in his belly - and a passion for combining French technique with his beloved Southern ingredients. Known as a guiding force in the Lowcountry's culinary renaissance, Lee has mentored dozens of young chefs. He's also helped grow the businesses of local farmers and crafts people. Local before it was cool, and sustainable before it was sexy, Chef Lee believes in trying the untried and doing the undone.


Russ Moore


As Chef at Slightly North of Broad, Russ Moore wears two hats (sometimes more): He's responsible for managing the venerable culinary team and cultivating talent. And, he's also a guiding force behind the menu development that continues to delight patrons, 20 years since the restaurant's opening.